Saturday, July 2, 2016

Next new

A new media that doesn’t exist that I can think about is a zoom features in our phones.When using the camera in our phones ,we can use that feature to look really far away to take a picture that is not near by.This feature could have been very useful, because sometime we don’t want to be near the object for example animals  in the zoo.I hope they can come up with the app soon.


File sharing is the practice of sharing or offering access to digital information or resources, including documents, multimedia (audio/video), graphics, computer programs, images and e-books. It is the private or public distribution of data or resources in a network with different levels of sharing privileges.
P2P file sharing allows users to access media files such as books, music, movies, and games using a P2P software program that searches for other connected computers on a P2P network to locate the desired content. The nodes “peers” of such networks are end-user computers and distribution servers.
Some of the examples of peer to peer sharing files are:
Bit Torrent is one of the most popular peer-to-peer file sharing protocols used on the Internet and it accounts for a significant amount of traffic on the Internet. The article below states:” Bram Cohen is the creator of BitTorrent, one of the most successful peer-to-peer programs ever. BitTorrent lets users quickly upload and download enormous amounts of data, files that are hundreds or thousands of times bigger than a single MP3”.
 Distribute is the world’s first peer-to-peer desktop deployment product especially developed for business use. Using the P2P protocol, Distribute maximizes the speed of the network and eliminates the need and expense of decentralized distribution servers. 
Pando is a personal P2P program, much like Bit Torrent but geared toward those looking for a simple and secure means of file transfer. Users may email, IM, or post to their website a. Pando file. 
Freecast is a peer-to-peer streaming audio broadcasting program. Typically, residential Internet connections have a much lower upload capacity than download capacity.
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Social networking sites encourage people to be more public about their personal lives. Because intimate details of our lives can be posted so easily, users are prone to bypass the filters they might normally employ when talking about their private lives. What's more, the things they post remain available indefinitely. While at one moment a photo of friends doing shots at a party may seem harmless, the image may appear less attractive in the context of an employer doing a background check. While most sites allow their users to control who sees the things they've posted, such limitations are often forgotten, can be difficult to control or don't work as well as advertised.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Creativity and New Media

Blogs are a great way for the development of creative thinking and writing in students. For example I created this blog especially for my new media class .It provides freedom to students to post whatever they want and comment upon or share each other’s material. They can openly write on topics that intrigue them and give vent to their ideas without having to worry about grading or grammatical errors.
 For this assignment i decided to use an app call Reflection.This app allows you to modify your pictures with a lot of details that a professional designer probably use.This shows just having a phone gives you access to the world.With this app you can create shadow of the picture, change the setting of the object or the person.And you can also edit the picture while you are working with the idea that you want to use to create your own art.
I took this picture almost a few weeks ago of the Empire State.This is the before and after picture while i was using the app.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


It’s important to understand that in order to foster a creative group culture, we have to all be aware of, and respect, the different personality types in our organization. A personality misunderstanding can often be an underlying hindrance to group cohesiveness and communication. From the article below: “Creativity is not like riding a bike. Neither is it easily quantifiable. While there is research going on to identify exactly what is going on in your brain, nothing has been conclusively determined, so until then, I am going to follow the old adage that “the more you practice, the better you are.” Oatmeal said  it best creativity is a river, not a pool”.

I believe there is no greater inhibitor to creativity than a closed mind. I follow the notion that creativity and inspiration are drawn from all of my combined experiences. The more different and unique experiences I can draw from, the more creative my mind will be. For this reason I am always trying to learn and experience new things. I love to travel, learn languages, read different magazines, and watch foreign films. I do these things not only because they give me pleasure, but also because I know they are ultimately helping my creativity.

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